Error Code 500 Logging in issue



I changed my phones yesterday from an iphone 5 to a 6. And im very confused by the fact that when I tries to log into my twitter it wouldn’t let me. On the iphone app it tell me im having error code 500, and on the website it refreshes the site and says “We had a problem sending your request. Please try again.” I find this very weird because no one seems to be having the problem I am. I have no way to get into my account whats so ever. the only way I can tweet is from the “Just Unfollow app” on my phone. At this point I am dying for answers and help. what is going on with my twitter? And why is it only happening to one of my accounts?


Sorry, but we cannot answer account support questions on these developer API forums. I recommend that you take a look at for assistance. Thanks!

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