Error code 400 after bunch of requests with 429 response code, connect via php lib "tmhOAuth"


Ive got 429 error, which means too many requests from my server. Ok, i fixed it. But now, ive got 400 code response from twitter server.
I did not change any credential, what can i do now?

Here is php code i use:

$connection = new tmhOAuth(array(
                         'consumer_key'=> $consumer_key,
                         'consumer_secret' => $consumer_secret,
                         'user_token'=> $user_token,
                         'user_secret'=> $user_secret));

    //request twitter
    $code = $connection->request('GET',$connection->url($url),
            [  'screen_name' => $screen_name,
               'since_id' => $since_id,
               'tweet_mode' => 'extended',
               'exclude_replies' => TRUE

please help to get back to normal work, app name TelegramTwitterBridge