Error Code 344



When sending DMs we have recently started receiving this error for some users:

{“code”:344,“message”:“You have reached your daily limit for sending Tweets and messages. Please try again later.”}

However, I haven’t managed to find any info about it and it seems to be related to some limit counting both tweets an DMs at the same time.

Is there any info or documentation about this limits that you could point me at?

Thanks for your help


Hi, am not finalizing your enquiry, but the idea is 140 character limit application


The limits for sending Tweets and DMs are documented in this support article.


Yes, I am aware of those limits, but none of those limits seems to apply for the error we receive (“Daily limit for sending Tweets and Messages”).

Also here code 344 does not appear anywhere, while the code 185: “User is over daily status update limit” (which was the one we had been taking into account until now) does appear.

My question is if there has been any change to the error codes returned by the api when daily limits are reached, particularly for DMs, since we have been using the same code for some time now, only monitoring 185 error codes to take into account DMs daily limit, and had never received 344 codes until recently.

Thanks for your help.