Error code 32 ajax request


what’s up guys!
So, i’m trying to use the search api, i’m using jquery ajax to make the requests, but i’m getting the error
{“code”:32,“message”:“Could not authenticate you.”}, here’s my code:

var token = {
public: ‘76841884-j9NAmQkubosXIct53wOTvnUwEZjkSMc34fxeHoXWq’,
secret: ‘VvOY224jUeMUrmgg2aQqGSl11FLQiGcSSTAPflfrikKBO’

    var request_data = {
        url: '',
        method: 'GET',
        data:{q: query},

        url: request_data.url,
        type: request_data.method,
        headers: oauth.toHeader(oauth.authorize(request_data, token)),
        dataType: 'jsonp'
    }).done(function (data) {

i’m using MVC 5 at server side, but i just wanna use the jquery to do this.

Any help?
Thanks for the supporting.