Error code 226 "This request looks like it might be automated." On "statuses/update" (all OVH IP blocked !)


Since yesterday i have this error every time i want to update my status (no url in the tweet)

stdClass Object ( [errors] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [code] => 226 [message] => This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later. ) ) )

-DM are working
-everything else seems to be working
-I use the 1.1 api.
-I wrote the client in php
-My client is hosted on an OVH server (mutualized hosting)
-Only 2 users (personal accounts we didn’t spam)


Same here… Help !!

It’s my App on my account but not work :frowning:


@NantesOvsMobile Bonjour, je vois qu’on est tout les deux chez OVH et que les IP de nos serveur sont TRES TRES proches. Avec vous publié tout ca sur votre timeline avec les api twitter depuis le serveur ovh ?

Hi we are both hosted by OVH, our IP are very very close. Did you publish all the twits on your timeline with the api from your ovh server ?


Same problem here also with an OVH server.
Not all the twits were published with the api.


I think the 213.186.33.* are blocked and can not update their status…

Je pense que les ip 213.186.33.* son bloquées et ne peuvent plus twitter.


Ok, got the same issue and I’m also hosted at OVH… Any way to get in touch with someone at twitter to help us sorting this IP blocking issue ?


(and yes, I’m also on 213.168.33.* adress block…)


I was trying to get Twitter attention with this discussion because i don’t know what else to do. At least, I found some friend which are in the same boat…

J’essayais d’attirer l’attention de Twitter avec cette discussion parce que je ne sais pas trop quoi faire d’autre. Au moins j’ai trouvé des compagnons de galère…


Same problem using OVH!

Any issue?


I’ve just opened a support ticket at OVH too, just in cas they got a way to contact directly Twitter…
Je vient de créer un ticket de support chez OVH aussi, au cas où ils aient leurs entrées chez twitter…


i hope you’ll have some good news soon! :slight_smile:


Même chose chez OVH avec l’adresse 213.251.189.* !!!


Et ca bloque seulement les status update ou d’autre choses sont bloquées ?

Only statuses/update or some other api call are blocked ?


Je vois que je ne suis pas le seul à avoir un problème pour poster avec l’API depuis un serveur mutualisé OVH. Il doit y avoir une limitation par IP depuis peu.

It’s the same for me.


Same issue and I’m also on 213.168.33.* address block. This is very unfair !!!


ok, no answer yet from OVH, but twitter support has nothing to say else than “post something on the forum”…

Here we are twitter masters, waiting for help on how sorting this issue related to our sites hosting and not our usage of the API…


Same here! OVH Shared Hosting, IP . Can’t acces to with curl. Seems to be blacklisted! Please do something quickly ! Thanks!


Seulement les Updates apparemment. Mon process de nettoyage passe bien.


Same problem here with a plug-in for WordPress.

Maybe connected to recent restricting to SSL/TLS traffic ( ??



That’s what I thought first, but my plug in is using SSL, so no reason for it to be stopped (plus I hope the error message would be more clear in that case)

Are you hosted at OVH too ?