Error Code: 215 when using update_with_media


So I’m using Titanium with social_plus.js library, when I attempt to post an image I receive error 215 “Bad Authentication Data” however I can get timelines, post statuses (as long as they don’t contain an image) and retweet. Here’s the data I send:

media = “[object TiBlob]”;
“oauth_consumer_key” = hiding this;
“oauth_nonce” = hKwIN6;
“oauth_signature” = “0vXJGVwP77Dj2NhBtEf74qRKDng=”;
“oauth_signature_method” = “HMAC-SHA1”;
“oauth_timestamp” = 1424449897;
“oauth_token” = “3035177325-bdOMCR3RpnyagjgGNSW740KSBFfIc4v59GfKgTC”;
status = TShirt;

Can anyone help me out with this?


Please note that the update_with_media endpoint is deprecated. Anyway, make sure that you use the right encoding, you have to use multipart/form-data!
But you really should have a look at Uploading Media, how to use the new endpoints for it!