Error code 214 for a 'POST status/update'



Lately some of my ‘POST status/update’ returns with a 400 Bad Request HTTP status code and a body of {"errors":[{"code":214,"message":"Bad request."}]}.

I am posting tweets with media objects attached to them and until yesterday it worked most of/all the time. Right now it’s failing for 100% of the requests.

What means an error code 214? I haven’t found this specific code in the docs.



This is a generic error message, the most likely issue is a problem with the media you have uploaded - either the image might not be supported, or the media ids you are passing in are failing to be validated.

We’ll look at getting these errors made more meaningful!


Yes thank you, I realised afterward that it was in fact the media upload that was problematic, and not the status/update.

In addition to a more explicit error message (and/or documented error codes), it would be very helpful to return this error when uploading the media instead of raising it only when trying to attach the media to a tweet.

Thank you for your help,