Error Code 131


I’m trying to use the Rest API for the first time. My platform is Play Framework 1.2.4 using Scala.

I first tried using Scala directly, then when that didn’t work I tried using the Java Twitter4J library ( I am trying to retrieve the posts for my twitter user, HappyBunniesUK.

I always get the code 131 back (“Internal error”).

Can you please help me?


I’m also getting 131 as of today. Worked perfectly fine yesterday.


Thanks for that. I actually should’ve checked - there seem to be a load of people posting the same message here today. I thought the “Ask a question” box was actually a search!


Yeah even I am facing the same problem since morning


getting the same error.


the same here


Mine’s back up and working. Once it was back, it was very easy to integrate via twitter4j - the tweets are now appearing on our homepage.


I’m looking into the HTTP 500 (code 131) issues you may be experiencing this morning. Thanks for reporting them.


Experiencing the same issue


Follow this issue as we work toward resolving it: