ERROR: Card Some(summaryimage) is not found (Card error)


Please help! I got that error, but all is correct on my website!

Take a look to the screenshot:

I have added robots.txt to my website:

I have installed “JM Twitter Cards” plugin with all the settings right, like the tutorial!

I have choosen “photo card” for my website and I dont know why I got that error!!


2 months with my card "pending to approval"

Please help!


For some reason, you have twitter:card values for “summaryimage” and for “photo”. This is not valid. I’m not familiar with the JM Twitter Cards plugin, but something is wrong with the way it is adding tags to your page.


Hi! And then, What tags I need to add?

I added photo card tags after head and I couldn´t validate the card… Please can you tell me what are the tags that I have to send if I want to show the main image of the post in each time?

Thank you


Decide which type of card you want to use (summary, summary large image, or photo)

Then check the linked pages above which show how to set them up and which tags you need to include. The JM Twitter Cards plugin should I think only let you configure one card type. You may need to talk to the author if this is confusing.


I want to use, photo, but on the link that you give me appears a code for a web in flickr…

I dont want to show a static image or link… I want that the card catch a different link for each different post… Then what I have to write for that?

Thank you