Error at Test OAuth



When I am going to my app on and after clicking on Test OAuth button getting error page with message Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!
You can search Twitter using the search box below or return to the homepage.


Please make sure you have a valid Callback URL. Here’s what says about Callback URL,

Where should we return after successfully authenticating? OAuth 1.0a applications should explicitly specify their oauth_callback URL on the request token step, regardless of the value given here. To restrict your application from using callbacks, leave this field blank.

You may find this helpful,

Hope it helps. I’ll look forward to your reply.
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Callback URL is blank in settings


That’s why you are getting this error what you said in your topic,

Now, set a Callback URL. See my first reply and check the topic that I’ve linked(see comments too to learn).
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The “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” happens to me too.


The Test OAuth tool was removed during our most recent developer site update, and unfortunately the apps dashboard has not been updated as well (yet). You can use a tool such as twurl to test your app tokens if you need to. Are you having specific issues with getting started with your code?


That is OK - you only need to populate that field if you are using sign-in with Twitter with your app, and even then, you can override the callback URL in your code (unless the URL is specified and “locked” on the dashboard).


I got the “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” error when I clicked “Test OAuth”. From the discussion above, it seems this functionality was removed in May. It would be nice to remove this button from the dashboard because it is alarming to a new developer to get this error while testing OAuth.


Hey Ken - we are working on a new developer portal experience (mentioned in the roadmap for example) and we are aware of - and apologise for - this confusion. Thanks for the feedback!