Error - Account Id is not Found



Hi, I am having trouble to pull the data from Twitter Ads API for below account ids. Find below error message that we are getting while API call.

[ { code: ‘NOT_FOUND’,
message: ‘Account 18ce53ur334 was not found’ } ] }
{ Error: Twitter-Ads API Error: Account 18ce54dd6nd was not found
[ { code: ‘NOT_FOUND’,
message: ‘Account 18ce54dd6nd was not found’ } ] }

Account_Ids - 18ce53ur334, 18ce54dd6nd, 18ce546yxqa, 2gtf37, jge4cq

Please reply us as soon as possible.




Happy to help here. So that I can help resolve this issue, would you mind providing the following details-

  1. The full request you are making for each of the account IDs.
  2. Confirmation that the @ handle making the API calls has access to these account IDs.

Finally, can you try making the same calls with twurl and ensure that you pass in the ‘-t’ option to get the entire trace of the API call, and post the entire request and response bodies?



@rajivsud Now this error is go away but we are getting below error.

Previous Error :
[ { code: ‘NOT_FOUND’,
message: ‘Account 18ce53ur334 was not found’ } ] }

Current Error :
Error: Twitter-Ads API Error: The account does not have the feature REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS
message: ‘The account does not have the feature REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS’,
parameter: ‘’ } ] }

These are the account Ids we are using, “ACCOUNT_ID”: “18ce53ur334, 18ce546yxqa, 2gtf37, jge4cq”.

Let me know if you need any other information. Quick reply highly appreciated.

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@macy_poc: Glad the original has been resolved. As for the new error, your account needs to be whitelisted in order to use the REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_ANALYTICS feature. Getting access to this feature is something that an account or partner manager can help you with. Please reach out to them directly.


@rajivsud I got an access to Twitter API from Twitter Itself. They approve my app. I did not work with any specific person. I just submitted Developer Access Form and after some day Twitter gave me access. Dont now exactly to whom I can contact. Find below blog chain.

Any help highly appreciated.



@rajivsud any update ?


Answered in another thread.