Error about QUALIFIED_VIEWS feature creating twitter line item


Is there documentation somewhere about the QUALIFIED_VIEWS feature. I don’t understand why this is an HTTP 400 BAD REQUEST.

[{"code":"INVALID","message":"Saving value QUALIFIED_VIEWS to field OBJECTIVE requires one of these account features: QUALIFIED_VIEWS","attribute":"objective"}],"request":{"params":{"bid_type":"MAX","placements":["TWITTER_TIMELINE"],"bid_amount_local_micro":1000000,"product_type":"PROMOTED_TWEETS","objective":"QUALIFIED_IMPRESSIONS","account_id":"18ce54cvmes","include_sentiment":"POSITIVE_ONLY","campaign_id":"5ftbm"}}} response code 400


Anything mentioning “requires one of these account features” ( is generally referring to something that your partner manager can help enable upon that particular account (because usually these features are not considered to be generally available yet).

In this particular example, the guide for setting up Qualified Impressions campaigns should definitely be:

If the account has the feature enabled in UI but not API, or used to work and now doesn’t, or some scenario like that please let us know in detail so we can track it as a regression, otherwise my assumption is it’s simply missing the permission.




Hi John,

We have the following features enabled. Do you know why we’d get an error about QUALIFIED_VIEWS when we are passing QUALIFIED_IMPRESSIONS as the objective for the line item?





@chris_august7 This seems like a bug, you clearly have the campaign objective enabled.

Are you doing this in a sandbox account?


in a production account, not in the sandbox


Hi Chris,

The sample request you provided in your first post is for account id 18ce54cvmes, which does not have the Qualified Views/Qualified Impressions feature enabled (these two names refer to the same product). See below for the list of features enabled for that account.

If you’re seeing that error occur for an ads account which does have the feature enabled, coul dyou please provide the full request and response showing the error code, as well as the full request/response to the GET /1/accounts/:account_id/features endpoint?

twurl -H "/1/accounts/18ce54cvmes/features"

  "request": {
    "params": {
      "account_id": "18ce54cvmes"
  "data_type": "features",
  "data": [


Hi Helen,

Thanks for the clarification. The info we were missing was that QUALIFIED_IMPRESSIONS and QUALIFIED_VIEWS are the same thing.