Error 87 using post for tailored_audiences v4



Hi, I try to use new api v4 and get error 87 sending sample data from your documentation through post{my_account_id}/tailored_audiences/test01/users. But I don't have any issues with get{my_account_id}/tailored_audiences (I get all my tailored audiences). So I expect that authentication is configured properly but I don’t have opportunity to upload my users. Can you help me with it? Thanks


@Alex-CC: Please remember to search the forum before creating a new thread.

This is an access issue. Have you done the following?

Additional whitelisting is required for access to the Audience endpoint, please fill this form and accept the new Twitter Ads Products and Services Agreement if initially accepted prior to 2018-08-01


We managed to integrate after accepting this agreement, but some time later our permissions were disabled. We got such a response trying to create new tailored audience:
“message”: “User 3…2 is not authorized to make this request. Please have them reauthorize with your client application C…sTwitter.”

I want to notice, that we didn’t change any parameters for connection, the flow absolutely the same as we made earlier. Can you clarify what happened and what should we do in order to prevent such situations in future. Thanks.


Please see the following.

That post should provide the information you need to either reauthenticate or regenerate your tokens, depending on your specific use case.


Thanks. And one more question. We’ve already implemented logic of using preconfigured API keys, access token and access token secret. Will be enough for us just to regenerate them at “Keys and Tokens” tab in application configuration menu and use new ones? And if yes, will new ones be limited to some expiration time?



Yes, that should work. For the expiration, no. Access tokens are not explicitly expired. See below:

How long does an access token last?
Access tokens are not explicitly expired. An access token will be invalidated if a user explicitly revokes an application in their Twitter account settings, or if Twitter suspends an application. If an application is suspended, there will be a note in the Twitter app dashboard stating that it has been suspended.