Error 403 when trying to "Send User to Authorization" (PHP OAuth)



I have spent a ton of hours on this and cannot for the life of me figure out what the problem is here. I am writing my own twitter web app. I downloaded the OAuth PHP Library which is what I am using. Everything was setup correctly.

I did Step 1 and “Acquire a Request Token”. I got a correct response back with a token, token secret and callback confirmed of TRUE.

Now I proceeded to the next step of “Send User to Authorization” and passed along the oauth_token parameter to the request. The request got sent and redirects to the Twitter page, but when it gets there is is showing an error message of :

Exception Request failed with code 403:
Woah there!
This page requires some information that was not provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again … it was probably an honest mistake.

What is the problem?? The error message is not very helpful. According to Twitter 403 means the request was understood but denied. I am really stuck here and would appreciate the help with this one.


Can you verify that the ?oauth_token=xyz value you append to the oauth/authorize step is actually the oauth_token value you received from the oauth/request_token step?


Yes, I did an echo of the value to make sure I was passing the correct string before I sent it off and it keeps doing that…unless you have an alternative way of debugging what is happening to the value? Really strange problem.


Anyone out there have any idea…I am quite frustrated this issue will make me just quite my app cos it’s the only problem I’m having right now and just can’t figure this one out.

#5 i think this link will explain every thing for you , 403 coz u exceeded the limit of updates set by twitter


Can you share an example of the URL you’re sending the user to for authorization? What kind of web browser environment is it in? Are you using a library for the OAuth operations? If so, which?




hey,i am having exactly the same problem right now.How did you get to solve it please?


Hey. When I test the Auth in I get the same "Auth error 403"
Same thing in my site side.