Error (401) Unauthorized. When there is a parenthesis in the message


With our app we have released thousands of messages successfully, but we found that when the message spread includes parentheses, that returns an error “The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”. If we remove the parentheses and re-broadcast the same message, everything is correct.

We have a web application in and have integration with REST API to send tweet.

Are there any restrictions with respect to some characters ?, How can we solve this problem ?.

Many thanks!


Parentheses work for me. My guess is the parenthesis problem is alluding to another problem with your code.


Thanks for your answer,
The strangest thing is that if I remove the parentheses spreads the message successfully.
It does not make much sense, also it happens to us with the “!” and I have with me the rest of special characters. Do we have to parse the message before it spread?


You probably should check that the data leaving your computer is really the same as what you intend to send.


Thanks for your answer. You’re very kind

We continue with the problem.

Doing new evidence, we confirm that the same message (including the brackets) spreads well if the tweet is accompanied by image. :frowning:

We are puzzled by the error.


  1. Hello Word (test) --> Error 401
  2. Hello Word --> OK
  3. Hello Word (test) + URL Image --> OK