Error 326 But No Error Code on Apps Page


The API is returning an Error 326 but when I go to Apps.Twitter.Com it is not showing any issues with the app. What is going on?


It means the authenticated account is locked, has nothing to do with your app.


But every account is getting it? Around 70 users


One of the connected users is our own Twitter account and our Twitter account is not locked etc?


Then it sounds like the way your app functions is causing Twitter to think your users are doing something automated/spammy.


Any idea what the process is of getting this sorted?


You’ll want to contact Twitter API Policy Support


OK we’ve done that already. So I guess it’s a case of waiting 3, 4, 5+ days until Twitter gets round to dealing with it then :weary:


I’ve heard from Twitter (very quickly to be fair) who have told me that they have not, at any point, restricted my app. So now I’m back to square one as we cannot work out what is preventing our app from performing any actions whatsoever.


Glad that you didn’t have to wait too long, and apologies for the frustration you’re encountering.

If users of your application are seeing error code 326 (or that message is being surfaced to your application) then it usually means that unusual behaviour is being detected on those accounts, possibly due to automation which violates the policy and rules. The behaviour would then be for the account to be locked or temporarily restricted until the user visited their profile on to unlock the account. This is not necessarily related to your app - something else may have caused this. If you’re finding that every user is affected, then it is possible that something your app is doing is related, but that’s not definitely the case.

Some of our user safety and antispam systems may cause this to happen based on behaviour detection, and since this is algorithmic and adaptive it not possible for us to list out every scenario that might trigger the rule. There’s some additional information in this support article.


Cheers Andy. Turns out we messed up a bit. One user was getting an error code 326 but it caused our whole app to get stuck. We have fixed that now though.