Error 303: 403 limits,updates? Using AI


Im using App inventer to try and login to twitter and get authorization to post tweets via an android app.

I created new application in

I set it to BROWSER, set a call back url, set to “READ & WRITE”, Consumer key and secret were generated.

I copied these app inventors twitter component. But when i access twitter.authorize in the app code, the screen of the emulator (or phone when in USB debug connection) returns error message every time.
“error 303: 403 The request is understood but has been refused …this code is used when requests are being denied due to update limits…

I dont understand, i have about 5 applications in dev.twitter BUT i havent used them for months as the apps i have now dont use authorization anymore so i cant see how i may have gone over the limits?


I am having the exact same problem and I only have one app


come avete risolto??