Error 220


My API keys are good and my app is set up for Read and Write access, however when I try to create a status update via the REST API, I get the 220 error response back with a message of “Your credentials do not allow access to this resource.” Is there any known problems with this? I deleted and recreated my app but still no luck, my other apps are working fine using the exact same code.

Edit: I also regenerated tokens as well. I am using the updated tokens and still no luck.


That’s really odd.

One thing to check, did you regenerate the API key after you changed your app access level to read/write?

I just created a new app on; changed access to read/write; regenerated API key; generated access token; made sure I’d refreshed the page; auth’d and posted using twurl:

twurl authorize --consumer-key blahblah --consumer-secret blobblob 
twurl -d 'status=Testing twurl' /1.1/statuses/update.json