Error 195 (Missing or invalid url parameter) with ostensibly well-formed URL


The following URL gets an error 195, which claims there is a missing or invalid URL parameter:

Those parameters in more readable form:

count "100"
include_entities "1"
max_id "440607046208348160"
oauth_consumer_key "96bhyvmNKyNO2AgpCcdQw"
oauth_nonce "z83j9K4Fwb5sEXU+Dj/5Jdl+1QI"
oauth_signature "eOoVWwOtCT6JOLPgYc5X5aaelDM="
oauth_signature_method "HMAC-SHA1"
oauth_timestamp "1394214492"
oauth_token "2377424101-Nat0T3pmNKFKONYTJKAimXBJLkxIlztm6wVHx4H"
oauth_version "1.0"
q "#zappa"
since_id “441982638169923584”

As I read the 1.1 API, that looks like it should be enough. What’s missing?