Error 185 : User is over daily status update limit



On Oct 31th, 2015 there will be an art installation in Kitchener, Ontario. The whole installation consist in people walking around while an automated sensor trigger an iPhone to shoot and upload the picture on twitter. After a while of debugging I was able to simulate over-usage pretty quickly.

Now this is my question. The event will be from 7PM to 2AM, and we’re expecting 4-6 thousand people. There is any way to obtain an exemption for the duration of the show? We also have a website with the stream directly from my api, but would be way way more engaging if we were able to use twitter for this.

Thank you for the consideration.
Ivan Carosati


You can find forms to request API limit elevations and exemptions on the Platform support page.


Thank you!
I couldn’t find it! I’ll send in a request shortly.