Error 185 : User is over daily status update limit


I’m so confused with this update limit…

I receive this error code after sending only 10 tweet within one hour through my app… (1 every 5-8min)
No tweet were sen’t from other app ou interface…

Now I can’t answer to my followers, they start being angry, that’s not normal !!!

Twitter, here is a BIG Issue with your API ! Please correct that limit or provide extra explanation !


All accounts, regardless of being used through the API or the website, have limits to the number of tweets they can send per day. They aren’t rate limits in the same way API limits are called rate limits – they are more like allowances. Those allowances are further subdivided into roaming periods of time throughout the day and include tweets, retweets, and replies. An account should generally be able to send more than 10 tweets in one of these roaming windows – maybe you were at the tail end of a window when your allowance for that window ran out?


Thanks for the quick answer !

Don’t know if it was the end of a period, but it lasts a long time before i was able to send again a tweet (maybe more that 60 min).
I succeed to send one by revoking app access to the account and making oath again, but only for one tweet.

I have also 2 questions :

  • does the content of the tweet have an impact (link ? same link ? same content ?)
  • does the retry period prevent the window to reset (if i try every minute to send, do i have to wait for more time ?)