Error 131 - Internal Error - Corresponds with HTTP 500 - An unknown internal error occurred



Using Public API

User LookUp

I’ve gotten this error on different ids within the set. I was wondering if there’s a workaround or is something else wrong.


Hard to say without more information.

  • Can you share code for the calls your are making?
  • are you using specific client libraries?
  • What user IDs are causing this issue?


I’m using a python library called Tweepy and I’m not sure about the IDs since the list is multiple GBs in size. This is a research project that was requested so I have to load in the IDs 100 at a time.

I don’t have the code on this computer I’m using currently, but at a high level, it’s doing the following.

  1. Open the IDs.txt
  2. Read each line until you’ve gathered 100 IDs or EOF
  3. Send the IDs to the API
  4. Store response in list
  5. Loop through that list and write each returned user to a file
  6. Clear both lists
  7. Rest for X time (since this is looping I’m attempting to be respectful of the rate limiting)