Equivalent of Url Count in tweets in the near future?



Good Morning Twitter,

As many others, I followed this very sad decision of deprecating the twitter button count functionalities for a URL https://blog.twitter.com/2015/hard-decisions-for-a-sustainable-platform

Even if we have to deal with it, this functionality, was very valuable for a lot of webmasters.

The potential equivalent in the RESP API by doing a search is very limited as it only consider the last 7 days.
Which is irrelevant for some old articles or old pages.

In the end of your official post, you mentioned the following;
“We appreciate your feedback over the past 60 days on how you have used these counts, and look forward to incorporating it as we create and improve tools to integrate Twitter content into your apps and websites.”

So does it mean that it will be incorporated again in the future version of your API?

Do you have any idea of a potential timeline?

For a personal feedback, as a webmaster who talks with several webmasters, this functionality is a very important features for analytics.
Moreover, most of the other social networks offer the feature and improved it over time.
Some major websites of the internet are basing the content they published based on social metrics, as twitter is one of a most important social network of the world, removing these metrics would affect a lot the whole eco-system dealing with social metrics.

An unofficial service http://opensharecount.com/ but is restricting only to one domain.
According to their twitter feeds, since you have stopped this features their traffic has been skyrocketing:

I’m also wondering how do big websites such as mashable do for still having this button enabled on their website?

(On the article on the right side, when you pass your mouth over, the button is appearing with the number of counts)
Anyway thanks for existing and don’t hesitate to keep us in touch, as thousands of people would be interested,