@episod one quick question please


Hi Taylor

Could I ask if there is any other way to contact platform support regarding a suspended application? I have used the ticket system twice but never got a reply either time waiting for nearly a month is there a direct email or should I use the ticket system and select a different option to my application is suspended?

Hope you can help me as I fear my message is maybe lost in cyberspace or there is a bug in the forms somewhere. I would just like to know either way I don’t mind waiting if I am in a queue, or if there is a time limit I must wait before getting an explanation no problem just let me know.

Thank you


The ticketing system is really the only means to discuss a suspended application with platform operations. Do you have a ticket number?



Thanks for getting back to me the ticket is 11957980 as per the zendesk panel.


Hi Taylor

Did you have any luck checking if there is a bug in the forms?

Please let me know if I am wasting my time waiting for this ticket. Should I just file another one or give up all together ?

please get back to me as I would just like to know either way.

thank you


Your ticket is safe and sound, there’s just a backlog of tickets being worked through. I hope you’ll hear back soon.


thanks dude


Taylor (@episod)

Can you please check the status of our Twitter ticket? We have yet to receive a response and are afraid that it too has gotten “lost” somehow.

Thank you!