Entities.media and extended_entities.media


Consider the following tweet:
https: // twitter .com/i/web/status/955875568481955842

It contains four images.
Using rest api, one of them is returned under entities.media, while all of them are returned under extended_entities.media.
Which is exactly the criterion used to put images attached to a tweet under entities.media or extended_entities.media?


Originally, Tweets were text only. Later, the ability to add a single image was added (entities.media).

When Tweets evolved further to support multiple images, GIFs and videos, the extended_entities object was added. This enables applications that have not been updated to support multiple images, to fall back to displaying the first one.

If a Tweet contains more than one image, a GIF, or a video - the extended_entities object will be present.


Thank for your explanation.
one image --> entities.media
gif, video, or more than one image --> extended_entities.media
Am I right?


Yes, exactly.