Entities (e.g. hashtags) are not correctly displayed on json?


Hello guys, i have this ID and is not display entities correctly, for example this id:


Any idea why API is not displayed the second hashtags on entities?



Seems to be working for me. What endpoint are you calling, what library are you using and what element of the result is unexpected to you?


Thanks for your response, im using the search api with tmhOAuth @version 0.8.3.

I need recover entire hashtags entities, when i use the APIGEE json result is the same when i use the search api.


What im doing wrong?



Add the tweet_mode=extended parameter to your API call. Note the truncated=true in the result you are getting, which means this is a new format extended Tweet.


nice! now i have all hashtags entities and all media_url :slight_smile:


Is normal that id have 1,351 Retweets and only i capture 1,205 Retweets ? what i miss?