Enterprise vs. User Clarification



Hi, I’m looking for clarification around Enterprise vs. User access to TW and TW ads via a Data Warehouse ELT. How should the warehouse ELT interact with TW given individual users will log in for authentication via the warehouse?


@mmorganf: Could you please expand on this a bit? What are you trying to do and what’s the blocker?


Hi @juanshishido! I’m working with @mmorganf on this. We’d like to build a cloud data warehouse from which any company, with the proper Twitter credentials, can ingest data using Twitter’s Enterprise API. We know Enterprise API data requires an Enterprise license. For example, @mmorganf needs the Enterprise license. What we don’t know is if we, as the third party, also need the license.

We suspect not since it is not our data nor will we have access to the data. We are simply building the warehouse and the UI from which @mmorganf, or any company with their own warehouse, enters their credentials to ingest Enterprise API data.

Make sense?


Hi @JohelADavila, we don’t cover enterprise data licensing on the forum. This is best discussed with someone on the enterprise data sales team. You can start by applying for enterprise access using this form.