Enterprise vs Premium WebHooks


I have a question regarding the account activity api and webhooks. Currently under my premium api sandbox key, I can only access the ‘all activity’ endpoint, because this gives access to user personal details I am required to authenticate using user-authentication tokens (OCID). Is this restriction also on an enterprise level API Key? Ideally we are looking to analyze a user’s tweets and followers for different clients and do not want to require user-authentication. The amount of data is too big to do via a simple get request because of the limits so we want to buy an enterprise license.


Hi @pb1646a - if I understand your question correctly, the answer is yes: the authentication requirements are similar for premium and enterprise access.

If you haven’t done so already, you may be interested in reviewing our documentation, where you can find more detail on the premium and enterprise versions of the Account Activity API, as well as the authentication required for each of the endpoints available. Details on the different authentication types can be found here.

Could you tell us a bit more about your use case? Why are you looking to authenticate without user-authentication tokens?

Please also note that we no longer offer the DM-only version of the product. The Account Activity API is a realtime product, so you will only be able to get the Tweets and Followers of a @handle in realtime and not their historical data. If you’re interested in pulling historical data, you can use the Search API and/or the GET followers/ids and GET followers/list endpoints.

If you’re interested in enterprise access, please get in touch with our Sales team using this form.


Thank you for getting back to me on this. We are building a visual based on closeness of influencers to their followers/friends and each other for clients who have hired them. So we want to be able to get data for these influencers, tweets, new followers, new friends and add them to to our impact map. So ideally after we collect the historical data (not necessarily older tweets) but at least followers/friends we want to keep this impact map alive and up-to-date using the webhooks from the account activity api. I have reviewed the documentation on both. However they both mention a level of user-authenticaiton, which is understandable if the endpoint we are collecting from includes private activity such as messages, which we aren’t interested in at all. So ideally we would be able to look up a user by their id that a client has given us as one of their influencers and then receive notifications about public changes to their accounts - new/lost followers, new/deleted tweets. We have already been in contact with your sales team, and we have a scheduled call back. But if we can’t get the answers to some of these questions then we wouldn’t be ready for the call back.


@pb1646a Thanks for providing more detail. Unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no way to ‘filter out’ the Direct Messages activities for this API, which is why user-authentication is required even if you are only interested in public data. I will make a note of your use case and requirements and make sure to pass these on to our Product team. In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions we can help with.