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Hello Everyone, I am currently using Standard package of Twitter API for accessing tweets. Now I want to update to Enterprise edition and I am confused a bit. Can anyone of this community help me?

Questions are:
Enterprise Edition will give me separate Twitter Streaming keys? (Consumer Key, Secret Key, Access Key etc.?)

Is there any advanced configuration required to access my Enterpise edition?


Authentication for the enterprise APIs is handled differently and uses Basic auth as documented here.

If you’ve got an Enterprise account, you’ll have access to a console for configuring your PowerTrack rules and monitoring your usage. You can also update your rules programmatically.


Thanks Andy for your reply. If I use premium search API, will I get separate credentials or some different search endpoint like below?


I want to ask how Twitter will differentiate this is a Premium API request OR Standard API request.

Umair Hanif


Premium APIs use your OAuth app tokens and provide you with a specific environment which is managed via the new developer Dashboard. This means you have a specific endpoint to call which is different to the standard API.


And Twitter will give me that endpoint after I pay for my premium access?


The premium sign-up process goes like this:

  • apply for access to a premium API (currently 30-day search), providing information of your use case, and your existing app ID.
  • access is granted, you then have access to the Dashboard with the ability to configure a named environment with sandbox access (limited number of calls for free per month). That environment controls the endpoint you need to access. In my own case, I get https://api.twitter.com/1.1/tweets/search/30day/development.json as I’ve configured an environment called “Development” in the Dashboard.
  • you call the API using app-only OAuth and your existing consumer key and token.
    • in the future as we add endpoints that require user authentication, you will do this using 3-legged OAuth and user tokens.
  • if you’re happy with the API and data you’re using, you can then opt-in to pay for one of the tiers of Premium access on a month-to-month basis. You continue to use the same endpoint attached to the same environment, but the Dashboard will now show usage associated with your subscription tier.

To re-iterate: the standard search API is a completely different legacy endpoint. There are currently no streaming products available in the premium API offerings.


Thanks Andy, for your help :slight_smile: I’d applied today for Premium tier, God knows when Twitter approves my request.


Andy, can you please tell me how many days Twitter Officials take in approving/disapproving a Premium Search API request? I’d applied on 10th Jan 2018, but there’s no reply from Twitter. They had sent me an email that your Twitter application reference no. (xxxxx…) is under review.


The team is reviewing applications as they come in and there’s a lot of interest, so it may take a few days to get to your request. We’re unable to provide specific timescales for individual applications. Appreciate your patience.


Thanks Andy, for your reply. It is to inform you that Twitter had approved my request and now I am eligible to use Sandbox tier. There’s a confusion, please help me in this matter. I’d made the query like:
Where hash_one, is the #tag input I am giving it.

While executing it is giving me errors like

{‘error’: {‘message’: “There were errors processing your request: Unknown parameter:‘oauth_signature_method’, Unknown parameter:‘oauth_body_hash’, Unknown parameter:‘oauth_timestamp’, Unknown parameter
:‘oauth_token’, Unknown parameter:‘oauth_nonce’, Unknown parameter:‘q’, Unknown parameter:‘oauth_signature’, Unknown parameter:‘oauth_version’, Unknown parameter:‘oauth_consumer_key’, Missing required
parameter:‘query’, Missing required parameter:‘query’”, ‘sent’: ‘2018-02-20T08:16:22+00:00’, ‘transactionId’: ‘00a67a15000d0458’}}

Since Twitter gives me a JSON object, I am calling tweets[‘statuses’] but its giving KEYERROR at statuses.
tweets: In which I am loading my JSON through json.loads()

Can you please tell, or refer me any link where I can get help with for Premium API?


You can start with the Premium category here on the forums.

There is also a very good search-tweets Python library - and we would love to see more contributions of libraries for other languages in the future.

You should also look at the migration guide - premium search works differently to standard (uses app-only auth, and different parameters).


Thanks Andy for your reply. I’d done application-auth as Premium API deals with only Application-auth. But there’s an error I am continuously getting when I code

SEARCH_TWEETS_URL = ‘https://api.twitter.com/1.1/tweets/search/30day/development.json

p.s. “development is my environment name.”

After, writing GET requests.

the response I get is no Tweets (This is the endpoint/url premium search API recommends.)

But in the meanwhile, when I add 'https://api.twitter.com/1.1/search/tweets.json
It give me TWEETS and it is the endpoint or url for standard search.

Can you please guide?


What are the search terms you’re using, and how are you sending the query? What language are you using? There are examples in Python and Ruby at the end of the integration page.

Since you’re asking about the premium Search API, please open a new topic in the premium category as this thread has gone a long way off topic and does not cover Streaming APIs.