Enter PIN for application authorization


I’m trying to authorize an application from my website so you can automatically tweet my twitter account but when I setup, twitter makes me a PIN that says I have entered in the form of my application for twitter, the problem is not where I have to put the PIN and I can not finish setting up my web application.
Someone can tell me where I have to enter the PIN exactly, please? …


See [node:3062] for a lot insight on this process. You might not even need to be doing this PIN-code flow, so make sure you understand the role of oauth_callbacks and such before proceeding much further. If you find this out-of-band OAuth with PIN code is the right fit for you, you’ll need to provide a UI for the PIN code to be entered, then you send that PIN code in the oauth/access_token request as the oauth_verifier.


Let’s see, I do not understand anything. I have a web application that needs to connect to self-publish content to Twitter. The data are only asking me the Access Token and Access Token Secret. Through a button, the same application does this automatically and I generated the numbers for this application but the problem is that I get this error: 401 Not Authorized (Timestamp out of bounds) and not why. So I decided to create their own application to interact with it.
I’ve created and I put all data in the web application to so good, but when I give the button to give permission to the application I get a code that says I have to put in my Twitter app but the problem is not where I have to put that PIN. I just want to know that please. Thank you.


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Confira a sua internt! Pode ser problema no servidor e com a rede. Reinicie o computador, as vezes resolve.


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you get the pin when the Callback URL is empty, fill it with any url like http://stuff.com