Engagement Insights API



I am trying to create an APP that will take statistics from the accounts of my clients (of which I carry their social networks) using POST / insights / engagement / historical but I get error [errors] => Array ([0] => Your Application ID is not authorized.))
I already made the form for companies, I checked the access codes …

I need you to guide me.



Thank you for reaching out to support.

First off, do you have access to the Enterprise API yet? You would have had to apply via this form: https://developer.twitter.com/en/enterprise

If you do have access, have you had the chance to read through our documentation yet?

The Engagement API requires the use of HTTPS and supports the use of both 3-Legged OAuth (1.0) and Application-Only OAuth (2.0). Most requests to the Engagement API require the use of 3-Legged OAuth. The following requests require this type of OAuth:

Any request to /totals to obtain Impressions or Engagements metric types, which are limited to owned Tweets
Any request to /28hr
Any request to /totals
Some requests to the Engagement API can be performed using Application-Only OAuth. The following request can be performed with this type of OAuth:

Any request to /totals to obtain Favorites, Replies, or Retweets metric types, which can be retrieved for any Tweet