Engagement API without GNIP account



Hi there,

I’m setting up a small weekly reporting app within our company. I’d like to include information about the impressions and engagement rates of our tweets over the past week.

I set up a new application under the account whose tweets I want to read engagement on. I’ve also obtained a bearer token. When I hit the /insights/engagement/totals endpoint for a given collection of tweets, however, I receive a 403 response. The body reads "Your Application ID is not authorized.\".

Am I missing something? Can I obtain this access without signing up for GNIP?


No, you cannot. The Engagement API is a commercial product from GNIP, so you need a GNIP account to make use of it. Once you’ve got that, you send the app ID to GNIP support so that it can be whitelisted for access to the Engagement API.


After whitelisting ,still it giving the same Error!!!