Endless repeating of images in Media Gallery


This morning I noticed @navigantgrp under “view all pictures and video” that the last image in the thumbnail view (only had 4 to begin with) was repeating/multiplying on its own. I deleted the “repeating” photo, then the following photo started to immediately multiply itself.
What is causing this image to repeat itself? Thx!


i am having the same issue…deleted 2 photos, but whatever the new last photo/video is keep repeating infinitely…




I can’t seem to get rid of the old photos from my twitter page even though I have gone through the deleting process


We are having this same issue!


same issue here, last image in stack will reproduce infinitely. any suggestions?


The last image in my media gallery is endlessly repeating. This thread is the only search result I could find that mentions this particular problem.


I’m having this same problem! I signed in just yesterday and uploading my first photo, this is endlessly repeated! How we can solve it?


Same problem here. HELPPPP


Did you guys all have the Twitter hit teams silence you. I still can’t find any answers. I KNOW deleting my Tweet doesn’t work because I’m not being permitted to delete those tweets.


i have the same problem
what can i do!!