Encoding a post body data - problem with brackets and asterisk sign



I am trying to post a text containing a ‘*’ and surprisingly I am getting an error:
“code”: 32,
“message”: "Could not authenticate you."
I am using a Postman client and I am sending data as a request body “x-www-form-urlencoded”. I am providing the user_id parameter and text = " óę * "
This should be working.

Maybe the problem is with authentication. So I have a couple of questions:

  1. During the calculation of oauth signature should I take into account also a body parameters?
  2. If yes - should I encode an asterisk into %2A?
  3. Should I encode a body entity so that it sends a %2A to Twitter? Or send it with * not a %2A?

If I will use multipart/form-data instead of x-www-form-urlencoded I can post a text like:
without even a small problem.

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Same problem here with an emoji in the name to be updated.
Code 32 Could not authenticate

not working: (code 32)
$name = ‘F3CA’
$emoji = html_entity_decode(’&#x1’.$emoji[$name].’;’, 0, ‘UTF-8’);

but emoji submitted as " \xF0\x9F\x8F\x8A " is working (code 200)