Encoded URL not showing in tweet via web intent? - iOS 9.1/Mac Safari


On a FB app we just launched, users are supposed to share a page with Twitter. Few users have reported that the Twitter window, once opened, does not contain the link - just the text and the hashtag.

One of the links to be shared is like: http://durexrealfeels.ie/card.php?to=Twitter&from=Luca&card=journey
I’m loading the intent via JS, making sure to encode (encodeURIComponent) both text and url:

var url = ‘https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=’ + encodeURIComponent(‘Dear Twitter, you give me real feels. Love, Luca’) + ‘&url=’ + encodeURIComponent(‘https://durexrealfeels.ie/card.php?to=Twitter&from=Luca&card=journey’) + ‘&hashtags=realfeels’;
window.open(url, ‘twitter_share_dialog’, ‘status=1,top=100,left=250,width=550,height=440’);
Nothing out of the ordinary…

One of them was on iOS 9.1 (slightly out of date), another one on a Mac Safari (couldnt give me osx/browser version but I suppose El Capitan) while it did work on Mac Chrome/Firefox.
I tested it myself and works on all PC browsers, Safari on Yosemite and latest iOS 9.2.1.

Anyone else experienced this?!

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