Enable http usage of videos



Some video players have problems playing videos from https sources.

Is there any possibility that Twitter could make it so that when videos are accessed through http they are not redirected to https?


This is unlikely to be a high-priority change and is not directly related to the API roadmap, but I’ll pass it along. Are there specific players that you’re thinking of?


Personally, I use the MediaElement control in WPF, which does not support https playback, and Microsoft has no plans to add this functionality (shame on them).

I would use another control, but I have not been able to find a suitable replacement, which made me think that it shouldn’t be very hard for Twitter to disable https forwarding for videos.

Thanks for passing this along. Let’s hope they are able to do this quickly :slight_smile:

What would be the correct channel to make such request, as I agree it is not directly related to the APIs, but I couldn’t find a better place


I would recommend against downgrading security on media. Every couple of months there are security advisories for OSes not handling media securely. Insecure video downloads are a prime MiTM attack vector.


If pictures can be presented through http, I really don’t see any problems presenting videos through http as well.