Empty twitter feed



Patient and help please to a Twitter newbie.
I’m trying to create a widget to post my twitter timeline to my blog.
I get an error messgae which says my timeline is empty - its not
I’m using https://publish.twitter.com/# which generates Tweets by ashramblings

Which give me the “Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird.” error. When I click on “View on Twitter” I see my tweets OK.
I posted my last tweet 47 mins ago, before trying to get this widget to work.


It looks like your account is protected. You cannot create a widget for a protected account.


Tweets from Twitter user ashramblings are protected. Protected Tweets are available only to approved followers of the account. Protected Tweets are not eligible for display in a public setting such as a widget.


Always something straightforward when starting out! Tx andypiper and niall, protected tweets was the problem. I had to go search for how to fix it, but now done. Tx again