Empty-timeline-for-search-based-widget-reproduction Act II



Sorry if I become the most boring topic creator but the widget encounter the same issue I had one days ago, since 15:07 CET 3/25 2016

the previous same case : here

The last tweet shown by the widget could be check out here http://rkc.noip.me

The #RKC OR #NP from:RadioKC query works fine on twitter.com

The same query on widget configuration gives no results.

A simple from:RadioKC query via the widget configuration page doesn’t works as in the previous case.

Screencopy are available if needed.

I use this widget for months with this same query and everything went fine until this week and a general issue on your system 3 days ago regarding query based widget (check out the case here)

Thanks by advance for consideration and helps :slight_smile:


Ok let’s resume what I experience with the widget since last Wednesday and the general issue on query based widget Twitter had last week (see solved case here here )

We are a radio station and we use Twitter for everything related to our broadcast and the music. Widget is use on website to show announce and now playing for the show premiere.
Our widget shows Tweets that fit to #RKC OR #NP from:RadioKC query
We didn’t change anything in our way to do show announce since we started to use the query based widget late 2015.

Before this issue :
when we did the announce we could send anytime, anynumber of tweets, in any time delay, we never encountered any issue for months.

After this issue :
Each time we tweeted too much show announces in a short time, the widget didn’t show anymore any tweet.
The simple query from:RadioKC showed no results at all for at least 24hrs in the widget configuration tool.
The same query on twitter.com as well our full query was working so fine.
It looked like our account was blacklisted from widget platform.

It happened 3 times last week, and regarding the previous passed months without any issue the widget behavior seems really strange or the way the query based widget is currently working.

After my latest post, on 3/25, we recovered the widget on 3/26 around 15:00 CET (24hrs after the issue). We did our show announces on 3/26 few hours later and we caused once again the issue after several tweets.
And once again the simple from:RadioKC didn’t work anymore in the widget configuration tool, in the same time this query and our full one was working fine once again on twitter.com website.
This time we only recovered after 48hrs the widget use. Once again it seems our account was blacklisted on widget part and not of all on Twitter.com.

I think we could cause the issue anytime if you may ask.

Let me know if you may need more details or informations.


Reproducing right now the sympthoms

After 9 tweets shown on the widget between 18:52 and 19:01 CET time this Tuesday 3/29 the widget is no more showing any results.

As usual a simple from:RadioKC query doesn’t show anything on widget and plenty of results on twitter.com.



After 24hrs as planned, query based embedded widget is now giving once again results to the simple " from:RadioKC" query.
Anyone at Twitter interested to know how & why our widget is able to bug after 10 tweets in 10 minutes ?

It means also that anyone who know the exact query that people are using is able to make their widget crash for 24hrs.


Twitter query based widget crash once again for 10 minutes.

once again a simple query based widget with ‘from:RadioKC’ give no more result on widget but works fine on twitter.com page.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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