Empty "My applications" list


Please note, this is a repost from the Feedback category. I posted it there 3 days ago and haven’t gotten a reply, so I think I might have put it in the wrong section. Here is the original post:

I know that I have an application under my account because there are 80+ people using it, including myself, yet when I click “My Applications” in the dropdown menu in the top-right, I get a message saying “Looks like you haven’t created any applications yet!”

My keys still work, but I’d like to be able to make any changes to the application that might need to be made.

If it helps, I created this application before the new dev.twitter.com came out, so…yeah, any ideas?


Make sure that the account you’re signed in as is the same account that originally owned the application – @ReachChallenge does not currently “own” any applications as far as I can tell.


Hmm, that’s weird. I totally thought I created the application on this account, but you’re right, it was on my on the account, @infecedtweets. Any way I can get the app transferred to this account, and will doing so affect the app at all (eg. the consumer or secret keys?)


You can get the application transferred by emailing api@twitter.com from the email address associated with the @infecedtweets account. In the email, indicate the target @ReachChallenge account you want to own it and any other information you may want to provide. A friendly member of our support team will take care of it from there, barring any additional questions.

Transferring ownership doesn’t effect the consumer keys or your users in any way. It’s fairly routine.


I’ve sent the email twice and both times I’ve gotten an impersonal, default reply telling me to send an email to api@twitter.com with the name of the owning and receiving account, as well as the name of the application. I already did this, why isn’t it working?


Be sure to:

  • Send your email from the account’s email address that currently owns the application
  • Include the details on the account that will own the app and the reason(s) for that change

The usual delay is about 2 business days, but it might take a little longer depending on the number of requests we receive.