Embeds Suddenly Too Wide; Breaking Pages


Embedded tweets on my website have suddenly widened. WTF? I have done nothing. Never had this problem before.


Could you please share a URL where you observed the behavior?


I had the same problem. I had to remove the widget from my website. I cannot see where I can adjust the width of this widget. Very, very frustrating!



There was an issue where widgets inside of display: table-cell containers were scaling the cell up, rather than shrinking the widget down. We deployed a fix for this yesterday. Please let us know if the problem is still persisting, thanks.



Thank you so much. It is corrected now. :smiley:


Not fixed, at least on http://aeroestads.org


Same here. If I don’t extend media like videos everything is fine. But on showing videos, everything get’s way too broad for the container, even images.

URL: www.stamm-bonifatius.de


@aeroestads, @stammbonifatius: Could you please confirm which browsers you’re seeing the problem in, and which widgets you have trouble with. I see timelines on the pages you linked, but both widgets seem to be sized correctly in the sidebars. This thread was originally about embedded Tweets, so if you are using them on a different page or article please link me to an example.



Ah ok, thought it was about timelines, but didn’t want to start a new thread.

The timelines are perfectly fine until you expand video tweets. Then all media like images and videos become much broader and overset the container. When you collapse the video everything goes back to normal.

As I am on vacation right now, I can only test this behavior on mobile (iOS Safari).

Just tested it on Chrome for iOS. Media keeps the right width there, so this should be a Safari related problem.



Thanks so much for the clarification. I recognize that bug exactly from your description. It’s a “feature” of MobileSafari that will expand <iframe> elements to fit their content. We’ve had to work around it in various places over the years, but unfortunately it’s triggered by the content of the frame, not the widget (e.g. something may have changed in our video cards that triggers Safari to expand the frame.)

I’ll take a look and see if we can defend the layout against it. Thanks so much for letting us know.



I am still seeing this issue. This happens when I attach the Twitter card with the Tweet. I see this issue on mobiles not only desktop. The mobile I checked with is iPhone 6. I use Wordpress’ responsive theme Twenty Twelve, so unlikely the problem is their/there. It can be seen here: http://www.concertedaction.com/2015/07/10/is-a-fiscal-union-expensive-for-its-rich-members/


I have the same problem - just noticed my embeded timeline is way too wide when the website is displayed on mobiles (tested: iOS/ Safari & Chrome). It works OK on the computer (Win7/Chrome). I use WordPress responsive theme. For the time being, I had to remove the timeline as it broke the page. It started misbehaving today. Does anybody know if/when this will be fixed?


This just happened again. Years of pages of broken pages. Please fix.


This problem just re-appeared. You can see it at beachwoodreporter.com. Last time this happened, a global solution was found on your end and everything returned to normal. Please attend to this promptly, years of pages on my site are now broken.


This just happened again to my site. Look at beachwoodreporter.com. Last time a global solution was found on your end and everything returned to normal. Please attend to promptly, I have years of broken pages on my site now - and I publish a lot of material every day.



Unfortunately a fix for a widget sizing bug in iOS required reverting the change that fixed sizing inside of table-cells in Firefox and IE, which is the issue that effects your site.

We’ve been working on a new fix for the table layout case, and it should be ready to deploy tomorrow. Apologies for the instability, and thanks for your patience.



Any word on the fix yet?

Seem to be just affecting Internet Explorer for me, no issues on chrome. Pages are totally messed up on IE lol



Can you clarify which version of IE you’re using?


Hi there, Yep, I am using IE 11


I’m on the latest version of Firefox (43.04) and it’s still no resolved.