Embeded Twitter Feeds Occasionally Disappear


I recently created a template using Twitter and just html/php to create a single page for a team website with everyone’s individual statuses, profile pictures, Follow buttons and non-yet-implemented links to full biographies, with intentions to meld it into a Flash script eventually for better functionality and aesthetics.

So far everything works fairly well, disregarding CSS and it’s shortcomings with aligning multiple elements in one area. The only problem is occasionally the live Twitter feeds disappear, as if everyone created new accounts and hadn’t said anything yet. However, when this happens, the relative positioned in some of the effected areas shift slightly, suggesting the frame isn’t just empty of content, but as if it’s re-sized or gone.

Eventually, they seem to come back after awhile and everything is as norm. I’m just curious as to if it’s my not exactly organized coding, or something with Twitter itself.

http://www.thehhoj.com/TeamProfile.php is the page in question.

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