Embeded timeline image logo huge



I am doing a speed audit on a website http://www.carmanmanitoba.ca, I have used the code found here to embed a timeline. However one file that comes along with the embeded time line is called ‘logotwitter_normal.jpg’. This logo is the one that comes up beside my tweets. It is less than 100px in width and length and it’s 387kb. I have worked like a mofo to bring down the size of this site, as it’s in a rural area where some are still using dialup :(.

Anyway, this is absolutely ridiculous, that’s bigger than all my css and js combined.

Is there a way for me to change this in the twitter account? Is this something overlooked, is there anyway for me to process it using google pagespeed (I tried and the image ended up at 1.2 kb, and gazillion % decrease in size.






I think the issue is that you have a colour profile in the image, which as you observe is massively inflating the size. In the past, we didn’t do much optimisation when people upload images, so if you’ve had your profile avatar set for a while we’ll be serving it back with all the same metadata you uploaded originally.

Nowadays, however, new uploads do go through an optimisation step, so you can fix this issue quite easily if you just upload the avatar to your Twitter account anew, and our new system should take care of the excess size.