Embedding Tweets on my Blogger



Tweet has a “more” expand button which allows me to select Embed as one of the option right?
I selected it, and copied one of tweet which I would like to embed on my blogger.
So after I imported the embedded code over and clicked review, it remains as the original code.
I googled and seen some issues raised but I have no idea what’s going on.
Help please.


A Blogger support: Create, edit, or delete a post, under the “Choose how HTML and line breaks are handled in your posts” heading, mentions a “Show HTML literally” option under Post settings > Options.

Does this setting exist for you? Are you able to paste HTML such as a Twitter embed when this setting is enabled?


Hi Mr Niall, I actually found that option and solved the issue moments after posting the topic!
I’m still extremely grateful by your prompt assistance!!
Thank you very much!!