Embedding multiple users into one timeline using fabric



Hey everyone,

Sorry in advance if this is kind of a newbie question, as I am just starting to write in swift.

What I am trying to do is display multiple users accounts in one timeline. Essentially I want my app to be able to suggest a few accounts and display them in one timeline. Since it will be unique to almost every individual user I cannot use a list or collection. I just need to know if I can modify the original single user timeline code to have multiple screen names in the code and display it chronologically in one timeline.

Thanks in advance,



Thanks for reaching out on this @natealb892. Currently the User timeline is focused on a single user and lists or collections are intended for multiple users. In this case, I can see how it won’t work great for your app and I’ll share this feedback with the team. The one thing you could use is the search timeline, but that would be restricted to tweets within the past week.