Embedding a timeline in my website


Have embedded the widget code on my website. The feed does not connect. Do I need create an app to accomplish this?


You can generate HTML markup for an Embedded Timeline on Twitter.com:

Choose your options, preview the result, and select “Create widget” to generate markup.

Copy-and-paste this markup into your site template or webpage. The markup contains two parts: a link and block of JavaScript code to load Twitter’s JavaScript onto the page and render the full Embedded Timeline.

Check to make sure the full HTML snippet you copied from the generator on Twitter.com exists in your site template or webpage. View source on the resulting webpage, search for “twitter-timeline” to find the snippet, and check to make sure the JavaScript piece made it into your page output.

If the JavaScript was stripped before output to your page you may need to add https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js to the page just before your closing </body>.