Embedded video javascript events and api



Does the twitter video widget embedded on external sites expose javascript API’s and events similar to HTML5 video?
Is there any plan to do so?


We don’t have any current plans but if there’s a need for it we can prioritize this in the future. Can you explain your use case and what APIs you would like?


Hi there,
Just saw this and would like to add my 2-cents as well. On my Web app, I have multiple embedded Twitter videos. What I would like to implement is the following:

  • video automatically pause when it is out of view
  • previous video automatically pause when i play another video.

Such things will not be possible without these:

  • Ability to listen to play/pause events from the embedded player
  • Ability to programmatically play/pause any embedded player

Would be totally grateful if Twitter can have this kind of features! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,