Embedded video is not working on IE11


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We’re embedding a tweet with a video, video plays on majority of browser, instead of IE11, and we need to support IE11 the web application.

Will it be possible to add the missing polyfill(s) in the TwitterVideoPlayerIframe.9f3fa50c5fbf9f33.js script?

PD: I’ve found these tickets 1 2, they have the similar issues, but there’s not a solution to them :frowning:

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Could you provide a link to the embedded Tweet that is not playing the video?

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Sure!, here it is: https://abcnews.go.com/US/images-showing-michaels-destruction-emerge-houses-submerged/story?id=58412487



Thank you for the link! I was able to reproduce the issue and will update this thread once there is a resolution.

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Hi Santiago,

This issue has been fixed now.