Embedded Video autoplays in iPhone app


In an iPhone app, referencing a Tweet containing embedded video starts the video autoplaying once the UIWebView loads. Is there a way to prevent this?

(Using the same code any web browser does not autoplay the video in the tweet.)


To help us debug this, can you provide a tweet (either the id or a link to the permalink page) that demonstrates this problem?


Hi Support,
I am also facing this issue since few days. I have a web page that have few twitter embeds with videos. If I open them in iOS phone while scrolling through the page, the video starts loading and then begins to play even if I don’t click on play icon / button. Is there a way to stop auto play of the video with any param in embed.



Hi Sarup,

As Jake says above can you please provide us with the specific Tweets you’re embedding? We need to determine if it’s a form of native Twitter video, Vine, or a specific 3rd party player card that’s causing the issue.




Hi Ben,

Please help us out here! Actually this issue is coming in our app, iOS NDTV News App, if you please can download for itunes.

This issue is coming in a story under “Top Stories” section and I have added as the last story (will need to scroll till end of the list).
Story title “‘Gimme Five’ FLOTUS, Said POTUS on Twitter. See Her Kickass Response”.

Here is a video link of the issue, as soon as i open the story detail and scroll to the twitter video embed it starts loading and then play automatically.

Below are the embed:

Hey, @FLOTUS! The President has a challenge for you... #GimmeFive https://t.co/Wh6ZYONbVU

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) May 13, 2015



That’s a fabulous bug report, thanks very much.

Which iOS version are you running? I’m unable to reproduce the issue on 8.3.


Hi Jake,

I have checked on iPhone 6+ iOS 8.3 and also the video attached in previous post is of iPhone 5 with iOS Version 8.3(12F70). In both of them embedded video in tweet is playing automatically.


Hi Jake,
Could this be by any chance the Ads in page is doing this?


Could this be by any chance the Ads in page is doing this?

I’d consider it unlikely.

I’ve spoken to the team responsible for the video player code and they’re unsure what would cause this. It’s difficult to debug further seeing as how we’re unable to reproduce the issue. I’ll try out a few more ideas and see if it turns up anything interesting.


Hi Jake,

We are able to reproduce this when there is ad banner in the page. Please check if you are able to see ad on the page. This is noticed in another story in our iOS app, you can search keywords “charlie charlie” and open the story title “Now the ‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ …” . If you are not able to see ads, please let me know your city and state so that I can target few ads directly.



I am also running into this bug, however, it’s an app I am currently developing. I’m finding that it is any twitter video that has been embedded into a UIWebView.

Any solution here?


I was finally able to reproduce the issue and have opened a ticket against the team that owns the video component. Once they have a chance to debug the issue, I’ll relay any information they may have back to this thread.