Embedded user timeline does not contain latest Tweets



the twitter widget is stuck on the last tweet form Dec 31 although I have newer tweets
user @commstock1 tx


When I view your account from a logged out context I see the latest Tweet is from December 31.

Please try viewing your profile from your web browser’s private browsing mode to see your public updates.


when i view through private browsing I also only see posts from the 31st of Dec- how do I fix this?


when i view through private browsing I also only see posts from the 31st of Dec- how do I fix this?


The most recent Tweet on your account is from Dec 31. Please post links to Tweets you believe have been sent from your account here if you think this is incorrect.

The embedded timeline widget will only show Tweets you have posted.



Can you provide links / Tweet IDs to the individual Tweets that are visible in that screenshot? you should be able to get those by right clicking on the date and copying the link.



i provided some links


Are the two tweets from Jan 21 “Promoted” or “Organic Promoted” - “Tweet with distribution limited to specific countries” - https://dev.twitter.com/ads/campaigns/geo-casting tweets?

Dec 31 Tweet is showing up - the Jan 21 Tweet https://twitter.com/commstock1/status/690107857463840768
has “scopes”:{“place_ids”:[“2edb6e240797c549”]} set.

Place id 2edb6e240797c549 is Israel - so i’m guessing those tweets will only appear to Israeli accounts? Or from Israeli IP ranges… i don’t know how exactly how Twitter identifies locations for that scopes thing. Could that be the reason those tweets aren’t showing up?


that might be it- some of the tweets were processed using hootsuite and for twitter I used location targeting (=Israel)


Yes, that’s exactly it - the scoped object inside the Tweet is the signal that this is just for one geography. That’s why the newer Tweets don’t show in the global public timeline for that account, or in the website Twitter timeline widget.

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