Embedded twitch not showing the stream


using a card to display live streams embedded in twitch.
I made one had it whitelisted and it works fine links will be listed afterwards. however, made one for a fellow friend and Twitch streamer. theirs is not working despite using the exact same parameters as the one that works.
I feel it may be one of two issues but after looking all over the internet and twitter forms I could not find anything. so gonna ask my question.

could it be an issue because they switched their username on twitch? I tried both old and new neither works.
could it because I am having two cards on a single blog.

https://twitter.com/Red_Shinigami89/status/963552427994566657-this has the working link
https://twitter.com/Red_Shinigami89/status/963945657777111041-this has the non working link

code Snippet

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